We officially announce the inclusion of the Pittaras Cheese Creamery in the “Top Products of Greece”. The perfect professionalism demonstrated as a company resulted in the distinction of ABSOLUTE 5, which is the top of our rating:

  • to your excellent products
  • in the flavors
  • in quality
  • in the thorough know-how of the creation of your products
  • on the packaging
  • in the logo
  • in the balance of the flavors of the products
  • in the excellent raw material

By obtaining the distinction of five stars in the Action In Greece Anthology of Greek Gastronomy A-Z, excellent quality is rewarded of Gastronomy services throughout Greece, through a TASTING TOUR, which allows us to get in direct contact with local representatives of the Gastronomy of each place, to deeply understand locality and to help the development of Greece, as one of the most important culinary countries tourist destination around the world. With the legal license to use the distinguishing material of the Anthology, the model business is rewarded, which supports the authentic traditional values of the Gastronomy of our country, with respect for the public and the quality Greek taste! The great brand name of the global action Action In Greece, through the A-Z ANTHOLOGY OF GREEK GASTRONOMY, awarded the company TYROKOMIO PITTARA, for the excellent quality of its products, its collective contribution to the preservation of the authentic Greek traditional taste and the excellent presentation of the business.