Dear friends and partners,

After the seven-time award at the AFFA Athens Fine Food Awards (, where Graviera Naxos P.O.P. 12-month Aged and Kefalotyri Naxos 12-month Aged won the first and second prizes, we are pleased to inform you that our participation in the MTA Mediterranean Taste Awards 2023 international competition ( had the following results for the six products that took part:

Graviera Naxos P.O.P. 12-month Aged Pittara and Naxos Graviera P.O.P. Pittaras were honored with a platinum award, being the only cow’s cheeses in Europe that managed to become platinum.

Kefalotyri Naxos Pittara 12-month Aged: Gold Award

Graviera Pittara mpastouni: Gold Award

Fresh Xinotiri of Naxos Pittara: Gold Award

Myzithra Glykia Naxos Pittara: Gold Award

Each award means for us even more responsibility regarding the production process “from seed to shelf” and we are obliged to do our best, for ourselves and our children, with respect to nature, the environment and our animals.

Many thanks to the organizers, our partners and above all our consumers who honor us with their trust and love.