Pittaras is preparing Kefalotyri cow cheese


Pittaras Creamery based in Melanes, Naxos, is preparing its entry into the market with Kefalotyri cow cheese. The product is expected to be released in the coming summer. At the same time, the company has received approval for Metro 4.2.1, for implementing an investment of 2 million euros, concerning the modernization of the dairy and the construction of a feed factory. Pittaras Creamery follows a fully vertical production process from animal feed and milk production to the final product. “Our goal is to produce quality products. That is why we raise our animals with natural methods”. We host 550 cattle (not crammed into boxes) while we also channel meat from male animals to the local market. At the cheese factory we prepare the Naxos PDO Graviera, as well as a 12-month-old Graviera, products that are available in the major supermarkets. We also produce sweet Myzithra, Xinotyri and Saganotyria or hard cheeses with flavors in limited quantities”, notes Nikolas Pittaras, who comes from a family of cattle breeders, while he started the cheese-making in 2008.

By G. Lampiris