I received a piece of 2-3 kilos in a vacuum with an impressive appearance. The color of gruyere is light yellow to gold, which indicates the origin of the milk which is cow’s milk.

In the incision we find small lens-sized holes that show a proper and calm maturation.

Taste – texture

Despite its long maturation, this cheese retains an excellent texture that does not make chewing in the mouth difficult at all, having no dry pieces at all.

But what was a big surprise is its taste. Its ripening has given many characteristics of an authentic Parmesan. This particular cheese will impress those who try it and it is not worth cooking at all, but to enjoy it as it is. In addition, I would say that one can enjoy it accompanied by wine in a very wide range.

It can be accompanied by an Assyrtiko passed through a barrel, while at the same time a fresh Moschofilero would be perfectly combined. The strange thing is that in addition to whites it can be accompanied by strong red wines. Like the Mavrotragano of Santorini, the xinomavro of Macedonia, but also a Merlot or Syrah.

This is a quality cheese which is addressed to lovers and connoisseurs of the cheese tradition of Greece.