Dear ones, Thank you very much for once again responding positively to the needs, offering 186 kg of CHEESE (document 18/11/2020 7741). Your contribution and immediate response moves us and offers us the strength to continue our difficult work for the smile of every child. “The Smile of the Child” is based entirely on the donations of individuals and companies and all of you are the ones who make it possible for us to continue to be by the side of every child. “The Smile of the Child” is not addressed to some, it does not belong to a few. It is addressed to all children and belongs to all those who share the same Vision and Values: Care, Dignity and Equality for every child in our country. “The Smile of the Child” belongs to you who actively participate in the effort of every child to have everything he is entitled to. Thanks to all of us, from 1995 until today, “The Smile of the Child” recognized in Greece and internationally, stands next to thousands of children every year. Specialized next to children victims of Violence, children who disappear, children with health problems, children living in poverty. Each child is unique and the scientific team of the Organization provides him with everything he needs, giving immediate solutions in collaboration with each competent body. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your participation and trust!

“If we all unite we will succeed”