… Graviera Naxou has been granted Protected Designation of Origin status since 1996; it is made up of no less than 80% cow’s milk, no more than 20% sheep and goat’s milk, and aged for at least three months….but the longer it ages, the more intense and delicious it becomes. It’s a hard yet smooth dark yellow cheese, with a great mature nutty flavor and a sweet butter aftertaste. Arseniko has an intense flavor, hard texture and is made from sheep and goat’s milk with the addition of whey. This cheese is amazing for grating and for the table, and is formed in a specially designed basket mold which gives it a distinctive shape. Early on in the aging process the flavor is mild and sweet, but as it continues to age it develops a spicy, aromatic flavor.

These cheeses are made by artisanal cheese makers across the island, but one of the best (and Chef Loi’s favorite) is Pittaras Creamery, a family owned farm that has been making its cheese the same way since the 1970s…

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